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How I started


Hello, my name is Pinny, I work in the IT industry by day and as a home baker by moonlight. I recently found my creative arty skills that needed to be let out the bag. Therefore, I have picked up a new hobby which I didn’t think I could do as I remember my first cake I baked when I was a teenager turned out like toast. This totally put me off baking for years. However, here I am and I have started making cakes. More so, I have started to decorate cakes. I was inspired by several books, people and not forgetting the famous TV shows. I have setup this website with the help of a dear friend of mine who wants me to show off my cake decorating skills and convinced me to get a website and keep everyone up to date with my latest cakes.

However, the main reason for this new found talent was when I realised how much a cake can make someone forget their troubles for a moment and make them feel extremely special. That’s why I feel putting time and effort into a cake, being creative and unique as the person or people who are receiving the cake. I wanted to try something new so I opened a novelty cake book and with the kind help of my younger brother (who was also very bored that particular day) we deciding on the spot to make little party cakes, with success and if I’m being honest through trial and error, we made little teddy bear party bags . Family and friends loved the little cakes so much it inspired me to continue baking and more importantly use my creative art skills and start decorating. I looked at techniques on the internet and after seeing so many ideas the only way I am going to keep enjoying this hobby is to create unique cakes, I believe everybody has their own special unique self about them that makes us all special and since last year I have created some cakes for family and friends which can be viewed in my profile. I hope you find my new hobby as inspirational as I found cake decorating was for me. Thank you for your time looking at this website.

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